Official importer for Bulgaria of SMI AG

high quality Belgian SURGICAL THREADS


Apexmedica supplies a high quality range of surgical sutures with excellent value for money.


We supply an exceptional specialist selection of dental floss to cover any surgical need.


Based on specific requirements, we offer a collection of surgical sutures with the highest needle precision for ophthalmologists.


In addition to the well-known thread material, you will find our extensive animal material at the click of a mouse.


Surgical sutures of the highest quality

is a company with a long tradition of working with medical devices, supplying hospital centers in Bulgaria. Apex Medica Ltd., headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, markets a full product portfolio of invasive cardiology products, surgical instruments and sutures.

The company was established in 2013 and is composed of a team of professionals working for many years in the field of cardiology, dentistry and health management. Our goal is for health care to be improved so that we can fully enjoy life and our loved ones.


quality and safety

Apex medica represents SMI that meets international quality standards such as EN ISO 13485. Our products are manufactured using the latest techniques and all compounds are of the highest technical level. All raw materials and finished products undergo strict quality control by a highly qualified team.

SMI is dedicated to customer satisfaction by providing high quality products and excellent service based on customer focus, reliability and delivery efficiency.

World recognition

SMI exports to 120 different countries worldwide, gaining new customers every day. This performance earned SMI the Royal Export Award from the Belgian Foreign Trade Council.